IREM Sustainability

Thousands of existing office, multifamily, and retail properties in the U.S. are working toward sustainability goals but cannot get LEED certification. It’s just too far out of reach and does not make financial sense. Now those properties can access a meaningful recognition program that is cost-effective and does not require hiring a consultant.

As a property manager you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate quality, responsible management
  • Train your staff on sustainability and resource efficiency
  • Market your sustainability success

Sustainability Categories

Properties must meet requirements and earn points in five categories.

Sustainability CategoriesSustainability CategoriesSustainability CategoriesSustainability CategoriesSustainability Categories

Certification Process

Certification Process


Certification Requirements

We certify office properties, multifamily communities, and shopping centers. Select the icons below to learn more about the certification requirements for each property type.



Application Fee

  • $400 for IREM Members or AMO Firms
  • $800 Regular


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